The company Platinum Tools has recently made an announcement introducing it’s greatly enhanced RJ45 connectors that are made for both Cat5e and Cat6 cables which are used for Ethernet and other currently available types of commercial and industrial communications. The new RJ45 connectors incorporate either an internal or an external shield which is for use with shielded cables. Although these cables are not commonly found in either offices or homes, shielded Cat5e and Cat6 cables can help attenuate near-end and far-end crosstalk (NEXT and FEXT) and they also can help with alien crosstalk (AXT).
NEXT usually occurs at a local transmitter and receiver where the signal is transmitted over a twisted pair of conductors and has its highest amplitude, and also where the local receiver must be able to handle a signal on a twisted pair at its lowest amplitude. FEXT measures crosstalk from a transmitter at the distant end of a twisted pair of conductors. Alien crosstalk arises from external sources such as nearby power and communication cables.
The internal shield connector (part no. 105020) then makes contact with the cable shield that is within the RJ45 male connector. While in comparison, the external-shield connector (part no. 105022) connects to the shield with an external "wrap-around" metal crimp that also provides for cable strain relief. If you simply choose to use the  shielded Cat5e or Cat6 cable, make sure that you only ground only one end or you might cause a ground loop currents to flow into and through the shield. A shield-to-shield contact typically occurs when the female receptacle to complete the shield grounding.  When talking with  John Phillips from Platinum Tools he mentioned that some industrial wiring used with Cat5 or Cat6 cables requires that a shielded cable and a mechanical ground connection--solder or a screw contact--to an electrical contact near the RJ45 receptacle. So it is highly  likely that you will  run into a requirement for shielded Cat5 or Cat6 cables
The individual signal conductors--solid or stranded--pass through the male connector so installers are able to confirm that their orientation is proper. Platinum Tools makes use of its own cutting and crimping tool , the EZ-RJPRO HD, that also has the ability to cut off the extra protruding wires. This tool will terminate all EZ-RJ45 (Cat3, 5, 5e, and 6) and EZ-RJ11 (4 and 6 contact) plugs and you are able to  use it to terminate most regular RJ45 and RJ12/11 plugs. Remember you can have either one of two conductor arrangements for a standard straight-through cable (T568A and T568B) and an additional one for crossover cables (T568B). However, a crossover cable makes use of different wire arrangements at each end, though. So easy confirmation of wire position and color code can make the difference between creating a good or a bad connector.