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A Cannon For Marshmellows, and Obama loves it!

President Obama may be famous for ending the war in Iraq but there's one Cannon he loves. Joey Hudy an eight grader brought an air cannon to the White House's science fair. He showed he could be part of a new American Military force debuting a cannon he says can fire one hundred and seventy six feet. Barack Obama was so excited at the prospect he made the kid demonstrate the machine. The president even helped pump the cannon and made the press and staff on hand move back in case the weapon was dangerous.

After shooting Joey said he had shot himself at fifteen PSI (pounds per square inch), in the past in order to make sure the cannon was safe. The Commander in Chief kept Hudy's card "just in case". Mr. Obama loved the invention and Joey must have been proud. The marshmellow rebounded off of one of the White House's inner walls and flew back, eventually picked up by one of the other demonstrators. The president was rightly impressed, though presumably his security detail was not.

The decider acknowledged this himself suggesting as he pumped up the device "Secret Service isn't happy about this". They must have been nervous with the presidency in peril as he followed the kid's instructions pumping up the device until it was primed to be fired. The president seemed to sincerely enjoy the experience, smiling all the time during the demonstration. This display was one of many that took place at this year's first White House Science Fair. Kids from all of the country came to show the president their inventions and he was bewildered with their creativity.

The White House Science Fair was introduced as part of Barack Obama's initiative to get children and young people involved in science and engineering. Anybody as enterprising and creative as Joey Hudy will be interested in the President giving them a slap on the back and being actually interested in their invention despite the protests of security. You can watch the video yourself at and believe me it's worth it. The president doesn't get enough time to play and here he is in his element. No matter what your political persuasion is your heart will be warmed by this display. think you'll agree with me in offering Joey good luck to Joey in all of his future endeavors..


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